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1028 Ridge St
Columbus, Oh


Offers hand-shaped sourdough breads & pastries, from organic grains. Includes bread and pastry selection, with hours & availability.

Dan's Amazing Traditional Panettone! (Half Loaf)


Dan's Amazing Traditional Panettone! (Half Loaf)

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Panettone exterior.jpg
Panettone Interior.jpg
Panettone exterior.jpg

Dan's Amazing Traditional Panettone! (Half Loaf)


At long last…

Dan is extremely proud to offer his own version of the of traditional panettone! It’s a delectable and rich holiday bread, typically made in Italy around Christmas and New Year, available today to be shipped anywhere in the continental USA. - Dan’s super special version is made with Wild Yeast - a version of the same sourdough he uses for his famous hearth baked breads, which imparts a unique flavor and aroma, and allows the bread to keep for up to a month.

Dan’s Panettone is made with organic flour, and is loaded with Ohio pasture-raised egg yolks, organic sugar & European style butter. The inside of his traditional Panettone is studded with French candied orange & organic raisins, and is delicately flavored with Ashland County raw honey, vanilla extract, and pure citrus extracts.

Each loaf is a massive two pounds, and is glazed with a uniquely crunchy, crackly topping, which includes pearl sugar and whole almonds for a delightful texture experience! The loaves are baked in fancy paper molds, and are deftly hung upside down after baking so that the delicate bread doesn’t collapse on itself!

They are a TRUE labor of love, and make an incredibly thoughtful gift for a friend, loved one, co-worker, or a great Treat Yourself moment.

This is one half loaf of Traditional Panettone.

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